Why Craft Beer is Simply Better

When I first started drinking craft beer I caught some flack from my uninformed, less sophisticated friends, who of course all claim to be more sophisticated than I. Nevertheless though I did have my reasons for my interest in craft beer. Other than the fact that my big brother said I should try it out, I also realized the alcohol content was much higher for particular brands. As a man at the ripe age of 22, higher alcohol content was the only motive I needed for a 6 pack. Especially since I was considered the light weight in the group. I’ll never forget my first craft beer, Raging Bitch by Flying Dog, 8.3% and to my learning pure deliciousness. I was a changed man. Over the course of the year I started to find more reasons as to why I like craft beer over macro brews and maybe you should too!

First we will start with a list of health benefits in an effort to catch my fitness people that may like to dabble in a few beers. Now, this is not one of those things like, “the more the merrier” although I wish it was. To recieve benefits one must consume in moderation. It is said that 1-2 beers for men, 1 beer women. Sorry ladies.

  1. Lower risk of heart disease: According to a Harvard study people who drink craft beer are less likely to have high blood pressure, which plays a major role in heart attack risk and heart disease. Furthermore, beer can raise your HDL cholesterol levels (thats the good kind)
  2. Beer is a rich source of silica, a mineral that helps build strong bones. Extra knowledge: generally pale ales are the highest in silica.
  3. Polyphenols. Poly-what?! Polyphenals are antioxidants that prevent chronic disease like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and even Alzheimer’s disease.

Other reasons I like craft beer;

  1. Bold flavors, or nice and mellow subtle hints of this-and-that. Whatever your tongue prefers, something is out there for you.
  2. Did I already mention higher alcohol content? For all those fellas out there saying, “$10 for a 6 pack?! I can buy a case of beer for $20!” This may be true, but consider this; Your cheap beer has 2-3% ABV(and taste like garbage) while most craft beers are between 4 to even 12% ABV. That is more than twice as strong in most cases. That also means less trips to the bathroom. Nobody likes trips to the bathroom.
  3. Prices may seem high, but to piggy back on my previous point, one drinking session is cheaper than buying a case. Sip on those savings.
  4. Like a wine, certain beers pair very well with certain foods. More to come on pairing beer with food!
  5. I enjoy the process of tasting new beers. The first pour, the first sniff, the first sip, once you get the hang of tasting beers, it really can be a fun experience.



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